1. *stalks your tumblr instead of texting you*


  2. the femme that likes femmes struggle

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    damn, damn, damn…

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  4. When Something you forgot by lil wayne comes on


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    I don’t see a lie

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    Up close and personal: I don’t remember taking these




  7. "Pain changes people."

  8. "The Europeans are not yet willing to acknowledge that the world did not wait in darkness for them to bring the light, and that the history of Africa was already old when Europe was born."
    — John Henrik Clarke, “Education for a New Reality in the African World” (1994)

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  9. deebott:



    me at a straight boy’s house 

    He’s fine boy

    He is me also all of his vines are amazing


  10. deebott:


    when you see a cute white boy and wonders if he likes black girls.


    when you see a cute black boy and wonder if he likes black girls


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