1. "Jesse Jackson is not the emperor of black people."
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    "touch my butt and give me pizza"


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  4. fiftyshadesofmacygray:

    If anyone tries that grapefruit method pls report back to me, I need testimonials tbh.

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  6. foreverrikk:

    this amazing artist stopped me the day before I took my locs out and asked if he could take a photo of me for a painting he wanted to do, of course I told him yes, today he told me he finished the painting and when I saw it I was almost in tears, John “Jahni” Moore (look him up) named this piece “H.E.R.” meaning Hathor’s Eternal Resurrection, Hathor is an ancient Egyptian goddess who personified the principals of joy, feminine love, and motherhood. | and he made this beautiful cabinet door into a frame #imhonored #beauty #art #painting #foreverrikk #jahni #beautyiseternal

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  8. soulsofsanfrancisco:

    "What’s you favorite part of being a dad?"
    “The first time he learns a new word, or any little tiny hurdles like that mean so much. I really feel like it’s all him. You provide the language and you talk to him all the time, and you read to him, and then he says some word like ‘Hi’ or ‘Dad’ and it’s just such an amazing feeling. So for me the best part is trying to provide the right framework.”

    "He’s 1 and he’s really good at leading but he doesn’t like to follow so much, which is important for a 1 year old."

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  9. Reblog if it’s okay to befriend you, ask questions, ask for advice, rant, vent, let something off your chest, or just have a nice chat.


  10. barbieprivilege:

    *takes advantage of male ulterior motives for my own gain*

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